Reimagine Recovery

Creativity isn’t necessarily about reinventing the wheel; it’s about evaluating what already exists and asking, “what’s not working? How can I interpret what’s in front of me in a new way?” You may be surprised to discover that the recovery landscape hasn’t shifted much in almost a century. Models developed in the 1930s and the 1960s are still predominantly practiced today. Consider, for example, most substance use disorder treatment literature: You are told that you are unique – and your treatment plan will be as well. You are reassured that your addiction treatment is evidence based and, more often that not, twelve step focused.

Is there anything fundamentally wrong with any of the aforementioned approaches? Absolutely not. But even the best tools are useless when applied inefficiently. Our primary aim as a substance use disorder treatment program is to reimagine how the best recovery tools can work for you.

How can you reinterpret recovery in a new way?

See Things Differently

Traci Weaver, MS, MBA, MLADC, LCMHC

Clinical Director

We believe it is immeasurably valuable to share our stories with you. We aren’t just figures behind a desk; we are potential companions on your recovery journey. Giving addiction treatment a distinctly human quality is part of what makes us unique.

Addiction treatment group session in progress

Our Philosophy In Practice

It’s one thing to tell you we have reimagined recovery, but another thing entirely to demonstrate our philosophy in practice. So what, exactly, can you expect from our program? We mined every methodology in existence for the common elements of recovery success: Recovery Connection and Community, Structure and Routine, Power of the Mind, and Personal Growth. These elements are like the numbers to a combination lock. When sequentially applied, sustainable recovery becomes accessible to everyone.

It stands to reason that if you neglect a number in a combination, the lock will remain steadfastly in place. Your addiction treatment, therefore, will be tailored to developing these elements – and only you can identify the numbers. Your personal growth process, recovery community, and daily routine may not look identical to your peers’. Rather than making choices for you, we will provide you with a wide array of options from which to choose.

Who We Are

The thread that unifies our overarching philosophy is a simple one: connection. Our program is about connecting with self and others. We achieve this connection by integrating real world recovery at its best. Your learning won’t be limited to the confines of a single building; you will experience and practice in a forum without walls. Treatment must imitate real life because recovery is real life.

As you begin this process, we want you to know that we applaud you for being here. It doesn’t matter how you arrived at this moment, it only matters that you have, indeed, arrived. We value your willingness to see things differently.

Located in beautiful Nashua, NH our team is here to help you begin your recovery journey. Contact Us Today!

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