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Family Support

Family Support

Integrate’s clinical director, Traci Weaver, MS, MBA, MLADC, LCMHC, has chosen to give back to the local community by offering a clinical family support program called “Families in Recovery”.

Traci’s family support group is guided by an inclusive philosophy; she will employ both educational and process interventions, and her program is open to the entire community. “Families in Recovery” is located at Revive Recovery Resource Center – 263 Main Street, Nashua, New Hampshire – and runs the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. The first forty-five minutes are education-based and the second half is allotted for structured processing and discussion.

Individual Family Sessions

At Integrate, we view the family as an integral part of recovery. Think of the family unit as a jigsaw puzzle. Each family member takes on his or her own unique shape or “role”. When one family member is active in his or her substance use disorder, other family members scramble to adapt their puzzle pieces to accommodate. These accommodations – which are often attempts to gain some semblance of control – can lead to crisis. Likewise, when someone who is actively using substances is able to enter and maintain recovery, the family either grows with their loved one or preserves the previously established status quo. Alternately, the family unit will enter recovery first – thereby steering the entire puzzle toward optimal health – and the active family member will find him or herself in an environment which encourages a shift toward healing. The jigsaw puzzle example illustrates one crucial point: Without intervention, the entire family is deleteriously impacted by substance use disorder. If you believe your family could benefit from individual family sessions, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.

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