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Co-Occurring Disorders

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s 2017 study on substance misuse in the United States, 45% of the 18.7 million adult Americans with substance use issues in the prior year also had a mental illness. Conversely, 18% of the 46.6 million adult Americans with mental illness in the prior year also had substance use issues. Persons who have both substance misuse and mental health issues have what are called co-occurring disorders.

To address this, we dedicate one day of programming to mental health issues, taking a closer look at ways of effectively working through the mental health factors most commonly experienced in co-occurring disorders: anxiety, depression, bipolar, and trauma.

In addition, participants work with trained and licensed clinicians individually at weekly sessions, using various therapeutic interventions while learning various skills.

Our program integrates both substance use and mental health treatment – for the whole person.

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