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Group Therapy

At Integrate, we insist that treatment must imitate real life because recovery is real life. Group therapy is the first arena in which program participants try recovery on for size. Participants practice communication, relapse prevention, emotion management and social engagement exercises — sometimes for the very first time.

In the group therapy setting, our treatment team is able to get a holistic view of who you are as a person. By observing how you interact with others, we can partner with you to identify areas of growth, and support you to choose and practice new skills.

group therapy for addiction

Your peers will also play a major role in your treatment. Group therapy is defined by the cohesiveness of the group. You will develop relationships which are grounded in recovery, and gain insight from the feedback you receive from your fellow group members. A peer support system will be your greatest source of accountability as you move forward.

Integrate offers two gender specific days per week. We acknowledge that men and women – as well as people who do not identify as cisgender – have different needs. We are committed to creating space for our program participants to get those needs met.

Our group facilitators are trauma informed and culturally competent, and blend evidence based clinical practice with real world recovery experience.

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